The Social Enterprise Consortiumâ„¢ (TSEC) is Africa’s private sector driven Sustainable Development Agency Platform, providing implementation support through media and reporting services, information technology, consultancy and concept programme development for diverse clients across African industries and social sectors.

We are in the business of helping people adapt, mitigating risk factors, enhancing capabilities and becoming more profitable locally, within the countries where we work, and connecting them to a growing network of equally responsible businesses and partners across the African Continent and globally. We are accelerating mainstream adoption of social sustainability into the heart of business strategy; by promoting sustainability reporting, cooperative engagements, access to universal services, and incubation support for innovations.

We have an an active policy supporting innovations in governance, social welfare programmes, justice sector reforms, business sector engagements, and cooperative enterprise development. Through insight consulting, training, performance measurement and engagement marketing, we are helping more Corporations succeed at doing good, making business environment better, and developing talents.