We have a track record of accomplishments in development consulting, research and data services, policy analysis and implementation support for industries and government institutions in Nigeria, and West Africa. We supported ECOWAS Lagos-Abidjan Common Customs / Trade Facilitation Programme as part of the Focal Group from inception till 2015. We are a key partner for the implementation of ECOWAS Vision 2020 and African Union integration efforts.

Our extensive network of relationships ensures our clients could expect fail-safe advisory services, guidance and programme support on all issues regarding enterprise development, trade and services, cross-border expansion, government relations and active information governance towards goals attainment with utmost professionalism everywhere in Africa.

In Nigeria, we currently offer integrated support for all innovations; and will be happy to underwrite part of costs and liabilities for some projects as per terms. We are an emerging powerhouse in Development Consulting; investing our resources, promoting cooperative enterprise and justice sector reforms, and adding value to the lives and businesses of our people and partners.