The Social Enterprise Consortium functions as a hub providing native support for clients and partners enterprises. We also co-create and support initiatives targeting social needs and delivering wide impact benefits for at least ten million people annually.

Our Southern Startup Initiative is positioning eighteen (18) Nigerian States for end-user technology activation, entrepreneurship platform, and integrated business support. Interventions include mentoring, funding facilitation, education, infrastructure and marketing.

Our Educational Communities Programme is focused on helping old students identify with the needs of their respective Alma Mater and creating solutions as a group through organisation and focused action. We are helping people to leverage on relationships for resource mobilization towards school refurbishment, micro-financing for peer support, welfare assistance and other noble gestures.

Our involvement in ECOWAS Transport Facilitation (Joint Customs and Border) Programme since 2011 puts us ahead in Sub-Saharan Africa’s trade and development initiatives. We are scaling up Practice to help clients achieve corridor transformation and other benefits.