The Social Enterprise Consortium is a corporate public relations platform established to meet pertinent needs at the intersection of the private, public and volunteer sectors. We seek to balance activities that provide financial benefits with social goals, such as providing housing to low-income families or job training, healthcare improvements, educational services, promoting access to universal services, entertainment and sports, cultural activities and more.

Our corporate social responsibility interventions in Africa target social, economic and infrastructure development. We have a commitment towards continental free trade, and the integration of African governments and people for shared prosperity and good governance. We are supportive of the United Nations Global Compact initiative on education and environment. We promote Sustainability Reporting across established standards, and our operations incorporate promotion of good governance and universal service provision across board.

We currently support hundreds of civil society groups in Africa with information resource and media access for evidence-based advocacy and wider reach across target audience. Our extensive programme on universal services and social enterprise advocacy is creating more jobs, empowering people and enhancing communities.

Created as registered trademark platform of OceanSpring in 2017, the Social Enterprise Consortium is consolidating itself as a Consortium of differentiated purpose entities working together for a common good, and opening its doors for wider stakeholders membership and usefulness as Africa’s private sector driven Sustainable Development Agency.